Air Mode

When you arm your aircraft with your transmitter, you’ll probably notice the motors will begin spinning. This is called “Air Mode.” Air mode gives you more control of the aircraft at low throttle, but it also sometimes makes it difficult for beginners to land their aircraft without bouncing around since the motors continue to spin even if the throttle is all the way down. You can turn air mode off using Betaflight Configurator. However, as you increase your skills as a pilot, you will probably want to turn air mode back on so you can perform more complicated flight maneuvers.

Follow the steps below to disable air mode on your Junior Racer.

Connect your drone to Betaflight and select the Configuration menu.

Step 1: Turn on MOTOR_STOP

Step 2: Turn off AIRMODE

Step 3: Click “Save and Reboot” to save your settings.

Now when you arm your drone, the propellers will not begin to spin until you increase the throttle. Although this can be helpful for beginners, please make sure you ALWAYS disarm your drone with the ARM switch before picking it up to prevent you from accidentally bumping the throttle while you were holding the drone in your hand.

Please watch the video below for a full description of what air mode is and why it is useful for drone operation.

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